Filtering (BGP) routes

Last time setup some IPsec S2S connections between multiple Fortigate firewalls and of course running BGP between them. In short: Hub site must know all routes from Spokes. But only transport via BGP. Spoke A (IP know only the route to the Hub– Default route will remain on spoke location Spoke B (IP… Continue reading Filtering (BGP) routes

FortiNet CLI Cheat Sheet

The following table lists show / diag/ update/ config commands for FortiGate, which can be handy. Will update this list once in a while Command What does it do? config system arp-table Add static ARP entries config system interface Show all NIC’s config router prefix-list Add a prefix-listType show, to see current prefix-lists. config router… Continue reading FortiNet CLI Cheat Sheet

IPv4 Translation Table

IPv4 Translation Table Netmask Inverse /CIDR Usable Size /32 1 1 Host /31 0 2 Hosts /30 2 4 Hosts /29 6 8 Hosts /28 14 16 Hosts /27 30 32 Hosts /26 62 64 Hosts /25 126 128… Continue reading IPv4 Translation Table