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  • Exchange Hybrid – Free/Busy information not working

    When upgrading an SSL cert last week i had to run the Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard again. Of course when you update something like this or the AD Connect something is broken…. Before the Free/Busy was working from Microsoft 365 Exchange Online to the On-Prem environment. After checking the relationship i saw that the sharing…

  • Policy Based Routing HPE Aruba 3800 series

    Today busy with some Policy Based Routing (PBR) routing on an HPE Aruba 3800 series switch. Situation: The default gateway is set to which is ISP A a line dedicated for business traffic. So in the config of the switch ip route ip routing Let’s assume that we have another ISP,…

  • Goodbye Windows XP..thank you for the memories!

    Goodbye Windows XP..thank you for the memories! Please read the article below from the MS TechNet blog Roger that Microsoft. This is Windows XP, signing off.

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